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Leo & Eugenia

Leo Calvelli & Eugenia Usandivaras


He, Leo, from the city of Buenos Aires, and she, Eugenia, from the city of Salta (although from the age of 6 to 18 she lived and studied in Jujuy).

She started with classical dance, contemporary dance, Argentine and Latin American folklore, and then tango.

Eugenia went through the workshop of the famous San Martin Theater in Buenos Aires and he went through the Folkloric Ballet of the University of Buenos Aires.

They met dancing tango in Buenos Aires in 1993 and since 1995 they started working together as a tango couple under the name Leo & Eugenia.


From June 1995 to July 2011, they lived and performed in the city of Madrid, Spain, where one of Leo and Eugenia’s dance schools was located.

In July 2011, they moved to Italy, where they opened different schools and courses in the center-east of that country.

In August 2014, they moved to the city of Metz, in the east of France.

Since 2019 they are combining courses between the cities of Luxembourg-Nancy and Metz itself.

Dancing couple since 1995

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