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Leo Calvelli Born on July 24, 1966 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Leo Calvelli is a multidisciplinary artist. Dancer, choreographer and tango teacher. Argentine folklore dancer. Leo was introduced to Argentine folklore at the age of 5 at the Escuela Nacional de Danza in Buenos Aires. He was then a member of the Folkloric Ballet of the University of Buenos Aires and the UBALLET, studying basic elements of classical dance and theater. At the age of 19, she was in charge of folkloric dance and zapateo courses at the cultural department of the University of Buenos Aires. (This interim position earned Leo a recognition for his impeccable performance from the authorities of this university). In the same period he has the honor of directing the Ballet Folklorico de la UBA on an interim basis. It was in 1985, when he slipped with strength and naturalness towards the Argentine Tango. He began his studies with Professor Marcelo Gonzalez, later he took short courses with great teachers of the time as “Pepito” Avellaneda, Estela Arcos. From 1988, she went to represent the folklore and the Argentine tango in different countries like Japan, Korea… In 1991 he perfected his technique with the masters Rodolfo and Gloria Dinzel with whom he reached a high level of technical refinement (his great mentors in tango at that time), and at the same time he found his own personality and style. In 1993 he became assistant to Grand Master Rodolfo Dinzel. In 1995 he left Buenos Aires in search of new horizons in Madrid, joining his destiny to that of Eugenia Usandivaras. From then on, their stories will be intertwined and will become “Leo & Eugenia”.
Eugenia Usandivaras First in the province of Jujuy, then in the city of Buenos Aires. Eugenia started at the age of 8 at the Fulvia Chagra de Gruber National Academy of Dance and Movement in Jujuy, She participated in great ballet works such as Giselle, Coppelia, The Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty, Carmen and Swan Lake under the direction of choreographer Ricardo Novich. In 1989, she went to Buenos Aires to study with the great masters of classical and contemporary dance such as Enrique Lomi, Olga Ferry, Mirtha Furioso, Lidia Segni, Freddi Romero, Cristina Barnis, Roxana Grinstein, Ana Kamien, Alfredo Gurkel, among others. She studied contemporary dance at the Escuela de Teatro de San Martín. In 1993, she joined Gloria and Rodolfo’s tango school to train and deepen in this art and discipline, never leaving it again, thus becoming part of her artistic and personal life.

What did we do?

We have worked in the main cities of the world with our tango, such as Paris, Rome, London, Stockholm, Oslo, Moscow, Milan, Turin, Monte Carlo, Brussels, Buenos Aires, Amman, Tokyo, Seoul, Istanbul, Lisbon, Geneva, Zurich, Tel Aviv…
  • Granada, Córdoba, Bilbao, Santander, Pamplona, San Sebastián, Valencia, Sabadell, Barcelona, Sitges, Albacete, Málaga, Marbella, Benalmádena, Jaén, Cáceres (Spain)
  • Lille, Nantes, Toulouse, Tarbes, Rennes, Burdeos, Clermont-Ferrand, Prayssac, Mont de Marsans, Tarbes, Ibos, Niza (France)
  • Nyon, Lausana, Ginebra, Basilea, Lugano, Berna, Murten (Suisse)
  • Amberes, Gente (Belgium)
  • Oporto, Vila do Conde, Setubal (Portugal)
  • La Haya, Neijmejen (Netherlands)
  • San Petersburgo, Moscú (Russia)
  • Rimini, Pescara, Chieti, Ancona, Turín, Génova, Senigallia, Imperia, Fivizzano Cesena (Italia)
  • Múnich, Leipzig, Fráncfort, Colonia, Wolfsburgo, Hamburgo, Damstag, Wuppertal (Germany)
  • Katowice (Polond)
  • Innsbruck (Austria)
  • Ammán-Aqaba (Jordan)
  • Vaduz (Liechtenstein)
  • Nicosia (Chipre)
  • Cartago (Tunisia)
  • Sibiu (Romania)

We have participated in many tango stages and festivals.

  • “International Tango Festival of Granada” (Granada, Spain).
  • “International Tango Festival in Paris “Colortango” (Paris, France).
  • “La Noche de la Pasión” (Ghent, Belgium).
  • “Tango Summit” (Lisbon, Portugal),
  • “Tango Fascination” (Basel, [Switzerland] – Paris and Nantes, [France]).
  • “International Tango Festival of Valencia” (Valencia, Spain).
  • “International Tango Festival of Rome” (Rome, Italy).
  • “Tango à Tarbes” (Tarbes, France).
  • “Tangofes” (Madrid, Spain)
  • “Festival de Tarazona” (Tarazona, Spain)
  • “Mundo del Tango” (Fivizzano, Italy)
  • “Festival Internacional de Tango Sitges” (Sitges, Spain)
  • “Tango Summer Festival” (Prayssac, France),
  • “Rebelión Tango” (Brittany, France)
  • “Festival de Tango de la Ciudad de San Sebastián de los Reyes” (San Sebastián de los Reyes, Spain).
  • “Festival Int. de Tango Argentino Wuppertal” (Wuppertal, Germany).
  • “Rimini Tango Fusion” (Rimini, Italy)
  • “Tangofolies” (Lausanne, Switzerland)
  • “Festival de Porto” (Portugal)
  • “Jordan International Tango Festival” (Amman, Jordan)
  • “Tango Tage Leipzig” (Leipzig, Germany)
  • “TangOsud Montpellier Festival” (Montpellier, France)
  • “Hamburg International Tango Festival” (Hamburg, Germany)
  • “Festival Internacional de Tango de Sagunto” (Sagunto, Spain)
  • “Doble Ocho – Nijmegen International Tango Festival” (Nijmegen, The Netherlands)
  • “Oporto International Tango Festival” (Oporto, Portugal),
  • “Festival Internacional de Tango Abrazo” (Metz-France).
We have danced with great orchestras and personalities such as: Osvaldo Pugliese, Julio Iglesias, Diego “El Cigala”, Sexteto Tango, Rubén Juárez, Guillermo Fernandez, “Beba” Pugliese, Orquesta Municipal de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Otros Aires, Julio Bocca and Eleonora Casano, Osvaldo Piro, Michael Zisman and Daniel Zisman, 676 Nuevo Tango Ensemble, Duo Michael Zisman & Sebastian Fulgido; Fernando Suárez Paz, Néstor Marconi, Antonio Agri, María Nieves, Néstor Fabián, Julián Vat, Marcelo Macri and Horacio Ferrer, Orquesta Color Tango, Ensemble Hyperion, Orchestre philharmonique de Genève, Orchestre philharmonique de Tel-Aviv, Orchestre national de tango, Fernando Suárez Paz, Osvaldo Requena, Roberto Pansera, Orquesta Nacional de Tango “Juan de Dios Filiberto”, with Gran Orquesta Conductor Mariano ChicciariniLAC, OSI Orchestra (Lugano-Suisse).

Outstanding performances:

  • As guest dance partner of Julio Iglesias in The Hague, Antwerp, Istanbul, St. Petersburg, Moscow and Marbella/ 2003- 2004- 2006.
  • As choreographer in the show of the dancer Rafael Amor, Madrid/2008.
  • As a guest partner of Diego “El Cigala” in Istanbul /2010.
  • Actor and choreographer in the film “El Deseo”, Spain, with the international Argentine actors Leonor Watling, Leonardo Sbaraglia, Cecilia Roth among others (2002).
  • They participated in the movie “La Puta y la Ballena”, teaching and preparing the actors and also collaborating in the movie. They have also worked on several commercials, including one for BMW.
  • Preparation of the tango dance for the actors: Leonardo Sbaraglia, Aitana Sánchez-Gijón and Mercè Llorens /2004
  • In 2005, they created and directed their own show, Conceptango.
  • The show premiered in December 2005 in Toledo, Spain, with seven dance couples. Today, the show has grown, combining dance and live music. All the choreography, set design, lighting, staging and production of this show are the work of Leo and Eugenia.
  • Pair of soloists at the Israel Philharmonic Tel Aviv
  • New Year’s Eve concert with the Geneva Symphony Orchestra, Switzerland.
  • Participation in the Luxembourg Philharmonic
  • With Antonio Agri at the Granada Festival
  • Main couple Rubén Juárez at the Tango Summit 1998, Lisbon and at the Granada Festival 1998.
  • In the show “Fascinación de Tango”, with Alejandra Mantinian and Gustavo Russo; Osvaldo Zotto and Lorena Ermocida; Gustavo Naveira and Giselle Anne, among other outstanding dancers. 1998/1999/2001.
  • Participation in the “Compañía de los Dinzel” and dance with the “Orquesta Nacional del Tango”, “Juan de Dios Filiberto” and the “Orquesta de Osvaldo Pugliese” 1995.
  • They create, with great success, what was the best milonga in Spain, in Madrid, La Milonga de Cha-3, directing it from 1997 to 2006.
  • In September 2019, they have been invited to dance at the International Festival of Classical Music in Lucerne (Switzerland). Dancing as a soloist couple with the Symphony Orchestra under the direction of the conductor: Mariano Chiachiarini. Bandoneon soloist: Michael Zisman.
  • In 2021, Piazzolla in the open air with the orchestra of the Italian Swiss Lugano.
  • Currently they have formed the Conexión Tango Company.
  • They danced with the great star Guillermo Fernandez, and later created a show with the singing artist, Conexión Piazzolla Tango.
Since then, Leo and Eugenia have not stopped working together, teaching in their schools in Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Luxembourg and France and also participating in various tango events and shows in different parts of the world. And now, Geneva, Suisse.

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